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27 Nov

Giving > Getting

It’s Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season is now officially underway. If you are like the majority of the US population, sometime in the next 72 hours you will participate in some form of Christmas shopping . And, if…

26 Nov

Hope > Hysteria

There’s nothing quite like being under budget, right? Seriously, when my wife and I sit down every month and figure out where all our money is going (groceries, gas, doctor visits, mortgage payments, light bills, etc.), we always like to…

25 Nov

Family > Frenzy

If you’re like most folks this holiday season, you will be spending significant time with your family very soon - maybe you are with them today getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with a long weekend. Whether it’s hopping on a…

24 Nov

Life > Lines

I love Christmas. I love giving and receiving gifts. My whole family is a family of gift-givers. Naturally, during the holidays, we tend to do a lot of shopping. And if I really thought about how much time and money…

23 Nov

The Law

The Story - Old Testament: The Law